Public Relations:

1. The practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and the public.

Riddell & Riddell clientele has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspapers, and on countless radio and television programs, locally, regionally, and nationally. They are the topic news stories, personal blogs and daily tweets. Whether its a political candidate or a seafood restaurant, the Agency has the contacts and marketing skills to create a positive, recognizable image throughout your geographic market and beyond.

Political Management

Riddell & Riddell has managed the campaigns of dozens of city council members, five mayors, a Monterey County Supervisor, a Superior Court Judge and two Monterey County Assessors. Our winning ratio is 10 to 1.

2010 Campaign Update:
In the November 2010 campaign cycle we worked on campaigns for a local Mayor, a Councilmember, a candidate for the Monterey Airport Board, a candidate for the Marina Water District and a candidate for Monterey County Sheriff, each campaign was successful.

Marketing & Public Relations / Advertising & Graphic Design
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